Amazing Stone Countertops for Your Home

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, building a new bathroom or adding an outdoor kitchen to your home, it pays to take your time choosing the right design accents. Beautiful stone countertops can complete transform the look and feel of a space, turning the ordinary into something exceptional.

What Are the Different Types of Stone Countertops?

There are countless options when choosing stone accents. Every option has pros and cons, but all are fabulous for the home. It’s not about right or wrong, just which one fits your needs the best. Here are several possibilities:

  • Granite: This type of stone is popular for countertops in many different homes. It works just as well for families as it does for couples who love throwing black-tie parties. The advantages of granite are that it’s strong, durable and hard. It can stand up to accidental knife cuts without scratching, so it’s a favorite of cooking enthusiasts — not to mention it looks really professional.
  • Marble: When people think of stone countertops, marble is often the first thing that comes to mind. There’s no material that’s more luxurious, attention-grabbing or sparkling as marble. It has a boldness and modern feel that makes it exceptional for interior design and artistic flair. That said, marble is much softer than granite and it’s vulnerable to staining, so it needs to be refinished more often to protect it.
  • Slate: There are two main advantages to slate. First, it has a rustic appearance that can make your kitchen feel like an Italian villa in Tuscany. Second, it has a wide range of color options. The downside is that slate can chip or crack if you’re not careful.

Custom Countertops for Any Space

Besides selecting the type of stone you want, you can also customize the shape, thickness, tone and appearance of stone countertops. It’s important to consult with professionals to make sure your existing cabinets can accommodate the weight of the piece you select.