Understanding the Differences Between Granite and Marble

The unique and attractive qualities of natural stone such as marble or granite make for beautiful countertops. However, there are differences between the two stones which can aid in the decision of which looks best in certain areas of the home.


Marble is the sculptor’s stone. It is far more delicate than granite, being one of the most porous stones. However, it has a distinct richness that is unmatched by anything on the market. If marble is placed in high-traffic areas, be ready for frequent maintenance. Marble works extremely well as a statement piece countertop in a room that doesn’t get a lot of rough daily use. It is an artistic stone that beautifully adds aesthetic to a home. Granite is a much more heavy-duty material that maintains the uniquely beautiful veining that has contributed to its popularity. It may not be as rich in appearance, but the vast number of variations allow for it to be a dramatic addition to a kitchen or bathroom.


As beautiful as marble is, it is important to refrain from using it on outdoor surfaces. Granite, however, can be used outdoors and adds magnificence to any patio table setup. Maintenance on granite is significantly less difficult than marble and it is strong enough to hold up against time and nature.


Maintenance of granite & marble countertops is similar but marble tends to require a little extra attention. To keep a granite countertop looking its best, the surface should be sealed once or twice a year. The stone is heat and stain resistant so the only other potential problem is chipping. Chipping occurs when the stone is under constant stress but it is easily repaired. Marble countertops need to be sealed about four times a year to stay in good health. For the safety of the countertop, it is important to hire a professional for maintenance needs.

Whether marble or granite, stone countertops add personality and sophistication to a home. These lovely, veined stones have long been of interest to those who wish to add a unique flair to kitchens and bathrooms.