How To Make Marble Countertops Look Like New Again

Marble is an exquisite choice for your kitchen countertops, but it requires special care. Acidic cleaners or foods can break down the stone over time, leaving it with severe etching.To restore marble countertops in your kitchen, you need professional intervention and prevention strategies.

Minor Repairs

You may first notice a few minor scratches or a dull surface on your countertops. Many products at the hardware store may promise to restore their shine, but without the benefit of expertise, you run the risk of making the problem worse. A professional contractor can polish the marble and remove the small imperfections, protecting your investment from further damage.

Major Restoration

If the problem goes beyond the simple loss of sheen, technicians must employ other strategies to restore marble countertops. If they have been neglected for a while, extensive etching is likely to occur. These marks can run deep within the countertop and even cause fissures if not fixed properly. The surface needs to be buffed and evened out to make the etching disappear. Then the technicians can polish it to bring back the marble’s shine.

Damage Prevention

Of course, the best solution is to prevent damage to your countertops from happening in the first place. After all, marble is usually a pretty pricey investment. It is porous and thus particularly susceptible to liquids, especially acidic compounds. Protect it from food by always using a barrier such as a cutting board or dish mat. Wipe up spills with a dry cloth as soon as they happen. Choose cleaning products that are guaranteed to be safe for marble. The better you care for your countertops, the longer they will last.

Even if there is a lot of damage, qualified professionals have the skills it takes to restore marble countertops. Find a contractor you trust to do the job right, and follow his or her advice about how to care for your countertops in the future.