Enjoy an Array of Options with Stone Countertops

The natural beauty of stone immediately adds an element of sophistication when used in the home, which is especially true when it comes to stone countertops. Even so, there is often a misconception that the options are limited. Surprisingly, countertops can be made with various different stones, all of which have their own unique properties and offer color and design customization.

Unique Properties

Regardless of which stone is chosen, they all have the benefit of being easy to clean and maintain. From there, each has its own unique properties that should be considered. While something like limestone, which is a softer and more porous material, might not be suitable, quartz is a non-porous, durable option that is resistant to heat, staining and bacteria. It has steadily been growing in popularity thanks to it costing less and lasting longer. Granite and marble are also strong materials that are well-suited for the kitchen because of their hardness and heat resistance. Marble especially has a smooth surface that makes it an ideal option for people who enjoy baking, although marble color options are more limited.

Endless Customization

When choosing stone countertops, you aren’t stuck with limited choices. If you want a polished or brushed look, granite and marble are excellent options. Every piece of marble has unique veining that adds instant appeal. Granite and quartz are available in an array of colors and patterns, letting you achieve your desired look easier. Regardless of which stone you choose, each can be custom cut or molded to precisely fit your kitchen. Whether doing a complete remodel or just replacing the existing countertops, you can get smooth edges and a design that is complementary and built to last.

While it may seem like choosing stone countertops means limiting your options, there are many materials available to achieve the desired look with the durability and ease of maintenance needed for a busy kitchen.