Why Natural Stone Countertops Remain So Popular

These days, you’re likely to have entered a home in your area where the kitchen or bathroom space has a beautiful stone countertop. This is because homeowners everywhere have decided that natural stone is a beloved material for countertops, and this trend is not going out of style any time soon.

Aren’t you ready to remodel your own kitchen by installing a gorgeous slab of granite or marble that will revitalize your space? Here are just a few reasons why natural stone counters have remained a popular trend in kitchens around the country, and why you should invest in it, as well.

Natural Stone Is Resistant to Bacteria

Cleaning the kitchen after a full day of cooking can be a drag, and many American families don’t have time to scrub down their kitchens for hours every night. For this reason, natural stone can be ideal for your eating space, as many stone materials like granite, marble and slate are commonly resistant to microbes and bacteria. Cleaning up messes after cooking can be a breeze, as just a simple combination of soap and water is needed to leave your stone countertop sparkling like new.

Every Slab of Stone is Unique

Just because a lot of homes already have natural stone as the material-of-choice for their countertops doesn’t mean that your kitchen will look identical to anyone else’s kitchen. The beauty of stone materials is they’re all unique in their own ways, offering natural veining or color striations throughout the interior that gives every piece its own authenticity.

The Lifespan of Stone Is Long

The dense structure of natural stone means it’s highly durable and long-lasting. This quality is guaranteed to make your investment worth every penny when you consider that your countertops won’t need to be replaced for years after they’re installed.

Trendy or not, a natural stone countertop can make your kitchen space lively and modern again. Hiring qualified local contractors to spruce up your space with granite or marble is a great first step towards your dream home kitchen.