How to Choose the Right Granite Fabricator for You

You’ve recently decided to add granite countertops to your kitchen or bath, recognizing that the beauty, durability and ease of care are worth the investment in your home. While your first instinct may be to go with the lowest price, there are many factors to consider when hiring a granite fabricator.

Your first step is to do a little digging and research any potential granite fabricator. Doing this type of groundwork is the basis for making an informed decision about your renovation project. How long as the company been in business? This will tell you their level of experience in working with granite countertops. Seeing photos from completed projects and obtaining references from previous clients is also key. Whether it’s word of mouth from friends or neighbors or contacting some of the company’s other jobs, hearing testimonials from satisfied customers can help you choose with confidence.

Before you commit to a company, be informed about how the business is run. Does the fabricator do his or her own installation or is it contracted out? Know exactly who will be doing the work in your home, and find out how to contact customer service should a problem arise. If the fabricator has a showroom or facility where the granite is made, be sure to take a tour; if not, ask where the granite countertops are manufactured. Information regarding the warranty, what insurance the company carries and whether or not the supplier can give positive feedback about the fabricator is also important to know prior to signing on the dotted line.

Specifics about the manufacturing process are important yet often overlooked details. Asking about particulars like seams, hand polishing the edges, bottom polishing, rodding for extra security for weak areas surrounding cutouts such as for a sink and asking to see examples will help you feel secure in your decision. Taking an active role in the process and asking pertinent questions will ensure that you hire a reliable, qualified fabricator for your granite countertops and get the customized look that you want.