Understanding Silestone and Corian Countertops

Kitchens across the United States are being remodeled or renovated this year, and one of the most critical parts of that update are kitchen countertops. Homeowners will spend hours looking over the strengths and weaknesses of each stone and manufactured surface. They will check out the available colors, noticing even tiny discrepancies in grays, blues and whites.

If you are ready to upgrade your countertops, here are some things you should know about Silestone and Corian slabs before you make that important decision.


As one of the best-known manufactured quartz surfaces, Silestone has placed top of its class for many years. Created from quartz crystals that have been combined with color pigments, mirror fragments, and polyester resin, the material is compressed and heated to merge the parts into a beautiful finish. One thing that sets Silestone apart from other manufactured quartz countertop products is the inclusion of an antibacterial compound called Microban. The antimicrobial odor control additive also works to disinfect the countertop’s surface.

Silestone comes with a 10-year warranty by the manufacturer and is available in a large range of colors, but black is the most popular. Since the slabs are manufactured, they can be created to specific dimensions, making this a popular product for custom-designed areas with long kitchen countertops.


Also, a manufactured worktop product, Corian is created using Aluminum TriHydrate minerals compressed and heated using acrylic resin. The most popular feature of this material is that it can be thermoformed to any given specification, radius, or shape. The joints are seamless, there are many available colors, and there is a 10-year manufacturer warranty for every color except black.

Although this material is said to scratch easily, that isn’t a problem. If Corian countertops are damaged, they can be restored, making them stand apart from other manufactured kitchen worktops.

Before you decide which new kitchen countertops to purchase for your home remodel, check out Silestone and Corian. They are at the top of their field in quality and design.