Why Soapstone Countertops are Perfect for Any Kitchen

Kitchen Counter tops

You’ve more than likely heard of granite and marble counter tops, but what about soapstone countertops? Have you heard of them before? It may sound like a horrible idea to be cutting and serving food off of something called soapstone, but really, soapstone is an excellent material that could last a lifetime in your kitchen.


Soapstone is a natural stone that has been forming in the earth for millions of years. It is removed from the earth using methods similar to those used to quarry granite or marble. It is called soapstone because of the soft feel of the surface of the stone. As you rub your finger across it, the texture is similar to rubbing a bar of soap.


Even though it feels like soap, soapstone is not soft like soap. The hardness of this stone varies, but the stone used for countertops is the hardest stone available and will not scratch easily. Soapstone countertops have been used in chemistry labs for years because it is not easily scratched or damaged by chemicals, liquid or heat.


Because it is a natural stone, it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The most common colors are white, blue, green and gray. You have the option of using mineral oil to help darken the stone and bring out more of its natural color, or you can choose not to use oil and leave it as it is.


Soapstone is nonporous and will not absorb liquids or stain. You won’t have to worry about spilling dark wine or salad dressing on it because it wipes right up without staining. Because it is nonporous you also don’t need to worry about germs or bacteria invading your countertop. Soapstone is a healthier, cleaner option than many other surfaces.


There are so many advantages to soapstone countertops it is hard to list them all. Between the beauty, the durability and the health benefits, soapstone is a great choice for any kitchen.